Locator Bolts for Accessory Anchor (6 per pack)

Locator Bolts for Accessory Anchor (6 per pack)

Tired of trying to measure where to drill holes to mount your accessories?

Worried about drilling in the wrong location?

Have you had to drill over sized holes to get your accessories to line up?

  • 6 Locator Bolts per Package

  • Fast and easy install and removal

  • Install Accessory Anchor. Thread into hold of anchors you wish to use for mounting accessories.

  • Place accessory on top of locator bolt and position

  • Using a mallet or hammer, tap on top side of accessory above Locator Bolt

  • Remove accessory and you are left with a dimple where you need to drill

  • Drill proper size hole and know that it will line up perfectly

  • 3-5 day shipping within USA.


6 bolts per pack

ATV Anchor-Polaris Lock & Ride System
2 Anchors ($17.49 per anchor)4 Anchors ($14.99 per anchor)6 Anchors ($14.16 per anchor)8 Anchors ($13.75 per anchor)10 Anchors ($13.59 per anchor)

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