AnyBox Tall with Crate for Polaris UTV
AnyBox Tall with Crate for Polaris UTV
AnyBox Tall with Crate for Polaris UTV

AnyBox Tall with Crate for Polaris UTV

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Innovation is a part of our nature and we’ve challenged the status quo by thinking outside the box. Equipping you to do what you love while having all your valuable gear easily accessible, securely protected, and entirely mobile.

We’ve made a rugged designed, weather resistant, and durable box for any ATV / UTV AnyBox offers 5.6 cubic feet of protective storage for your most valuable assets. The table-top surface makes great use for strapping down gear such as backpacks, coolers, tree stands, feedbags, or use it like a table and fillet fish, grill, play cards, do anything.

A carpeted interior prevents scratching and movement. The AnyBox comes with a standard lock-and-key handle to prevent theft of valuable items.

We reinvented ATV/UTV accessories. You no longer have to wonder how you are going to securely transport your high-dollar items (Bow, Gun, Trapping, Depth Finder, Drills, Scopes, Camera, Drones...) Don't mess around with cases that can only fold up, that leaves you having to take all the stuff on top off just to get at it. And a gun case that sticks out vertical, forget it. The AnyBox slides out so you can quickly access what you need most while keeping the 'other stuff' right on top.





44.4″L x 16.8″W x 13″H

45.5″ x 19.1″W x 16.15″H

With 4 fasteners you can quickly install the AnyBox to any ATV/UTV using our included universal mounting system. Attach the mounting bracket to your ATV/UTV using standard u-bolts, clamps, or Polaris mounting system. Set your AnyBox on the rails and line up the holes. Slide the fasteners through each side and tighten up the bolts.

Helping you take the work and worry out of having fun