SUV Vehicle Storage Solutions

You need versatile storage that doesn't squeak or rattle and can be quickly installed.

What is AN SUV CARGO storage box from AnyGlide?

Organizations across a diverse range of sectors are increasingly selecting AnyGlide custom storage boxes for their fleet of Tahoes, Durangos, and Fords, and it’s clear why. AnyGlide stands out in the market primarily for its meticulous attention to maximizing utility without compromising on vehicle functionality. Our custom storage solutions are designed to fit the entire available space of each vehicle model perfectly, ensuring that not an inch of potential storage space is wasted. This commitment to custom-fit design is coupled with our all-aluminum construction, which guarantees a blend of durability and lightweight efficiency, crucial for maintaining fuel efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the vehicle. AnyGlide listened to our up fitters and our end-users and developed a product that meets the needs of both, with quick installation and turn-around time, its easy to see why more customers are choosing AnyGlide SUV storage boxes.

Why are CUSTOMERS choosing AnyGlide for SUV storage?

AnyGlide sets a new standard in operational convenience and reliability. Our patented glide system is a game-changer, eliminating the common annoyance of squeaks and noises that often accompany metal storage systems. This innovation ensures a smooth, silent operation, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that the storage system works quietly in the background, without disrupting the focus or efficiency of the professionals relying on it. In essence, AnyGlide’s combination of custom-fit design, durable all-aluminum construction, and a revolutionary silent glide system makes it the preferred choice for organizations looking to enhance the utility and longevity of their fleets while ensuring a noise-free, efficient storage solution.

Durable Vehicle Storage

Our versatile storage systems are constructed entirely of aluminum. We do not use any plastics, hinges, welds, or joints. A custom storage box from AnyGlide can withstand over 300 pounds on top of it, while each individual drawer can hold over 250 pounds.

Secure Vehicle Storage

Security is a top priority when you leave precious cargo in the rear of your vehicle, and we understand this completely. Not only are AnyGlide SUV storage solutions some of the strongest storage boxes on the market today, but they’re also some of the most secure with standard lockable handles.

Easy-to-Install Vehicle Storage

Installing the SUV cargo storage system from AnyGlide is a breeze. The all Aluminum storage solution not only protects from rust and elements, but allows the cargo box to be lightweight and easily installed in your Tahoe, Ford, or Durango. Plus, you won't hear any squeaks.


It’s true. AnyGlide modular storage units help protect law enforcement gear from almost anything. Our custom storage boxes are made of cutting-edge, powder-coated aluminum which guards against heat, water, ice, rust, and corrosion. But perhaps the biggest advantage is these storage solutions are also dust-proof.

Anyone who has ever stored items in the back of their suv knows that you don't want to hear it. A no-squeak storage system from AnyGlide can help prolong the life of your electronics, equipment, sporting goods, and all other gear. So go ahead and load it up, lock it up, and worry no more.

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We are proud to say our modular storage units are built at the AnyGlide headquarters in Rock Valley, Iowa. It's an honor to help serve the brave individuals who protect and serve the cities and states of this great country. Thank you to all of the police, state and highway patrol officers, sheriffs, DNR and FBI agents who work hard to keep Iowa (and our entire country) safe.


AnyGlide SUV Cargo Storage is a quick installation for upfitters. The video shows the steps.

In a market where time matters, don't let a storage box installation slow you down. Get more out the door and improve customer satisfaction with a quick install of AnyGlide's Tahoe, Ford, or Durango SUV storage boxes. Visit our installation page to get further instructions for your model.

Enhance Your Durango, Ford, or Tahoe with

AnyGlide's Premium Storage Solutions

AnyGlide's Storage Boxes for the Dodge Durango, Chevy Tahoe, and Ford PIU offers a sophisticated and seamless storage enhancement that perfectly complements the SUV's existing compartments. Designed exclusively for model years 2021-2024, these storage solution integrate flawlessly without sacrificing accessibility or aesthetics.